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  • When I purchase a tokenised right, what will I get?
    On the 360X platform, users will be able to buy tokens that represent rights in real or digital assets. The exact structure of tokens will differ in each case and will be outlined in the respective token terms.
  • How will I get started?
    First, users will have to register and complete the user onboarding process which includes the opening of a non-payment bank account and a custody wallet with our service providers and partners Solaris SE and Solaris Digital Assets GmbH. Please note that at this stage, only professional investors with a permitted legal entity form will be supported. After completing the user onboarding process, users will be able to view, buy and sell tokenised rights in available assets.
  • How will I pay on 360X?
    Payments will be made in FIAT currency (EUR) directly from the user’s deposit (bank) account created during user onboarding. Orders will be pre-funded from the deposit account balance upon creation and settled immediately after matching.
  • What wallets will I be able to use?
    Users will not need an existing crypto wallet to purchase a token – we will create one for you with our partner Solaris SE at the time of account creation. Solaris Digital Assets GmbH is a BaFin-regulated crypto custodian, giving you regulated, easy-to-use managed access to your tokens.
  • How will 360X select assets?
    We intend to offer tokenised rights in distinguished assets of blue-chip art, high-value real estate and renowned music assets. Combining market knowledge and domain expertise, our partners and experts will ensure that all assets are verified, curated, and prepared according to industry best-practice. After passing this process, the assets will be tokenised and listed on the 360X platform. Detailed information on each asset will be available with our partners 360X Art AG (art), 360X Music AG and Twelvebytwelve GmbH (music) and tectrex AG (real estate).
  • What is 360X?
    360X is a marketplace for tokenised rights in alternative asset classes such as art, music, and real estate. Our goal is to provide trusted and simple access to high-quality and expert-verified assets. Together with our partners, 360X Art AG (art), 360X Music AG and Twelvebytwelve GmbH (music) and tectrex AG (real estate), we aim to establish a standard for creating tokenised rights in the respective fields of expertise. Through our platform, users will be able to gain access to a range of high-quality assets with varying yields and terms. We are regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht – BaFin.)
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